Monday, October 1, 2012

Tilted Horizons

Chapter One: Horizons
Section One: Approach

This chapter of Expressive Photography is tough for me because landscapes are not one of my favorite things to shoot. Its hard for me to get depth and interest in the frame. I'm using mostly archived images for this chapter because I just haven't had much time to shoot anything new. Its been nice, however, to take a second (or third) look at some of my older images and see what I can do with them and try to see something in them that I didn't see before. There is always that little something special about each image...that little something that made you decide to capture the image in the first place. Maybe it didn't come out looking exactly how you expected it to...maybe it was just the wrong approach.

I have to admit I haven't tried a lot of different approaches to landscapes. I love a little tilt and I also love fog. In the second picture, I was really focused looking at the tree and its reflection. Only later did I notice that the edge of the shore kinda looks like a cliff.

One of my favorite approaches....none...just point and click!!  The picture below is all blurry and chaotic, taken right after Hurricane Ike hit Houston. After the threat of being impaled by flying debris had ended, we drove into town to check on our business. Houston was a ghost town. It was flooded and still raining a bit and no one had power. It was a very chaotic time. I spotted the lady with the umbrella and didn't have have time to adjust anything as we drove by. I'd like experiment with little more processing but still love the picture. I guess its the emotional factor and the story behind it.

What is your approach to landscapes? This section of Expressive Photography mentions using a wide angle or fish eye lens or a Lensbaby. Please share your thoughts and links to your photos. Also, feel free to add suggestions for the book club.