Wednesday, September 5, 2012 anybody out there?!

After 20 months, I am feeling settled and ready to resume the photo book club. I have been busy growing a baby who will be turning 1 in October! What a wild and wonderful adventure motherhood is! No one can really prepare you for this journey....I'm learning as I go.  I am blessed to have such great friends and family who have been so so helpful, giving me lots of encouragement and support.

We will resume chapter one beginning in October. You might want review the first 2 posts - that was info about the book and the introduction to chapter one. I'm so looking forward to seeing what we all create and how we each interpret the chapters. I will be posting my vision of how we will work through the book. I figure I will post something from each section of the book and then you all can add your comments with links to your photos from a Flickr account, blog, or some other method. I am going to invite some of my favorite photographers to serve as guests from time to time and who knows, maybe we will be lucky and a Shutter Sister or two would be willing to pop in and say hello! Please let me know if you have any questions. This is my first photo book club so I'm not sure what to expect. Hmmmm....kinda like a first child, I'll learn as I go! I'm hoping to create a "family" of photographers here so we can encourage and support each other on a photographic journey.

Looking forward to getting started....again! :)