Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broaden Your Horizons

As I opened to chapter one and saw Tracey Clark's photo, I immediately thought of a picture in my archives. A photo that I had never edited or posted because it didn't really look interesting to me. As I read through the chapter, a couple of statements moved me. Tracey states, "There is an intangible quality that comes with expansive space and breathing room. A view itself is not emotional on its own - it's our mind's eye that translates a landscape into something that can stir our soul." I began to look at my photo a little differently and think about why I had not deleted it. It was the emotional factor. I took it during a time of great change and uncertainty in my life. I was going off on my own, trying new things, and reconnecting with old friends. Not sure of my place in the world or where my path would lead me.....I  was broadening my horizons.

When you look at pictures in your archives with your heart and not just your eyes are there any that speak to you??